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Reimagining Muscle Training and Recovery

Novel textile for modifying neural input to the upper limb for stroke recovery.

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KnitRegen is an award winning wearable MedTech start-up developing patent-pending ‘wearable therapy’, in the form of smart textile components that are integrated into everyday garments.

The technology helps individuals regain body movement following brain injury, via a novel ‘bead’ that can be stitched into clothing.

The ‘bead’ delivers timed impulses to selectively activate or suppress muscle activity. The technology can be applied to support neurological rehabilitation across several conditions, as well as for muscle training in sports and wellbeing activities.

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KnitRegen Ltd. is setting up a new Wearable MedTech Lab in the Royal College of Art. The lab will focus on advanced materials research to test and develop the KnitRegen technology. It will also open up opportunities for other researchers to join the lab and develop research in this sector of wearable medtech.

The aim is to continue efforts to improve quality of life for people with stroke and brain injury, working with cross-sector experts in neuroscience, material science, fashion and textiles and stroke survivors, carers and clinicians across the UK.

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